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New Functions Added to Airwheel Full Face Helmet C8

Abstract: Airwheel rolled out its new product, the motorcycle helmet C8. It is a new product that attracts a great many customs, for it possesses its high definition camera built in it. The high definition camera allows the user to take a long video, which can go on for 4 hour. Admittedly, it is a draw to the video junkie.

For the previous Airwheel helmets, the functions do not extend beyond the APP connection, wireless connection, and photo taking. The limited number of functions more and more falls short of the market demand and the varying demand from numerous customers. That is to say that Airwheel is faced by a dire need to push out new products or at least update its predecessor.


Airwheel C8


In addition to the basic function like previous smart helmets, Airwheel The Marsrover C8 racing helmet is excellently in possession of the function of taking video. Photo merely can cord the memory of a certain moment. On the contrary, video can record a continuous section of moment. For the shot lovers, the high definition camera and the additional function of taking video make C8 more tempting and inviting. Absolutely, it is a type of investment for the helmet junkies.


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With previous model of Airwheel helmet, the user merely can take photos and post them online for likes from friends and relatives. The enjoyment is limited. Sometimes, a group of photos cannot express the happiness and the beautiful moment the user experienced. That is to say that Airwheel previous helmets have their limits. In view of these drawbacks, Airwheel makes some change in new model, the full face helmet C8. Airwheel full face helmet C8 is capable of taking a long time moment and record every moment of your move and happiness. Posted online, it will attract more friends and relatives to offer likes. At the same time, they are more likely to share it. One the one hand, this helps Airwheel promote its products. One the other hand, it can record the beautiful moment in a better way. The 120 degree view of field will complement Airwheel C8.