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Airwheel Intelligent Power Scooter Allows You to Enjoy a Faster And Quieter Life

Abstract: Due to the unlimited development of modern urbanization, traffic jam and noise pollution has become two main problems in people's daily life. How to help people get rid of these troubles in their daily life becomes a great issue for almost all the city residents or even the whole society.

Now, people's life are becoming more and more convenient and flexible in modern city. However, people's flavors and demands about modern city life have also been changed rapidly. In the transportation field, many people and enterprises are making great efforts to conquer this problem. Airwheel The Mars Rover is among the great efforts people have made to establish a faster and quieter life for modern city residents.




Airwheel has been designed on the base of traditional electric scooters with a relatively small size and simplified structure. The tiny skeleton of Airwheel will help people get rid of the traffic jam easily and save more time during rush hours. What is more, Airwheel has been fixed with a magnetic levitation motor and branded electric cores which supply clear and strong power to the vehicle.


Airwheel smart e-bike


Furthermore, it is hardly for people to hear any noise of Airwheel electric mobility scooter during running even in a quiet little room. For instance, the Airwheel E series and R series of citizen folding electric bikes. It's rather perfect to have this innovation that the battery is fixed behind the saddle that allows users to swap out the exhausted battery pack easily. Such an innovation helps it to run on rainy or snowy roads at ease. Thus, it is also fit for all weather conditions. Also, the problem of how to achieve a further travel needs to be solved. Z series, E series and R series have chosen the swappable battery design to meet different demands. That is why the public show an affinity for Airwheel. To sum up, Airwheel powerful electric scooter, as a freshly new product in the transportation filed, is going to help people have a faster and quieter life in modern city.