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What Are Peculiar to Airwheel MarsRover Citizen Folding Electric Bike R3?

Abstract: Airwheel electric assist bicycle R3 is catching on to the numerous customers. Its great popularity boils down to its unique features in it. The portable battery creates a moveable power source. On the other hand, the ability to pack away saves much space and enhances its portability.

This model was released recently, but it leapt to prominence overnight. Now it is merely available for pre-order in advance. There is every reason that Airwheel R3 will be enjoying the increasing popularity all over the world.


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Airwheel MarsRover city electric bike R3 firstly endowed with the moveable battery group. The battery group serve not only as the power source but also the portable power for the mobile phone of the user. For now, the mobile phone takes increasing importance. Even some cannot go without their mobile phone for a short time. Only by means of the mobile phone can the user feel kept connecting to the outside world. Once the battery of the mobile phone goes flat, the user will become extraordinarily fretful. If he chooses to cycle by Airwheel R3, he will not need to take this seriously, for Airwheel MarsRover R3 provides the opportunity to charge the battery of mobile phones at any time.


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The second primary draw of Airwheel electric folding bike R3 is its ability to be folded. Airwheel R3 can pack away as possible as it can. When it does its best to pack away, it turns so compact that it can easily put under the office desk or taken onto the public transportation. The great portability and convenience adds to its customer base. Among all of Airwheel products, Airwheel R3 MarsRover is the ultimate in the ability to be folded. The young people who are fresh from colleges make up the majority of R3 customers. For them, the space is a rare and valuable resource. They cannot afford to take up much space of their workplace or residence by their personal transports. Airwheel R3 literally frees them from this anxiety.