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How to Keep Road Clear For Traffic? Try Airwheel S8MINI MarsRover

Abstract: Flora always wants to seek for the excitement that makes her city life interesting and maintain her passion. Now, Flora really finds her own thrill of “cross country riding” on the way to office—Airwheel S8MINI MarsRover intelligent power scooter, which can help her out of the roads while traveling through cities.

As an office worker who just started to work after my graduation, Flora has found that it's hard to keep being excited in workdays—she has to get up early for catching up the buses or metro, and she has to get well prepared for the work that is waiting for her. And when she gets home after work, she usually only wants to lay on the sofa for rest because the traffic peak time really makes her exhausted. So she has spent much time on seeking for the vehicles like electric scooters to solve such problems.


Airwheel S8mini


Luckily, her friends introduced the Airwheel S8MINI MarsRover two wheel saddle-equipped scooter—which are the vehicles which she has imagined for many times while reading scientific fictions. The unique designs and powerful performances out from such small vehicles have really amazed her. With its great portability, Flora can just ride my S8MINI “out of the roads”—on the sidewalks or through other buildings and blocks where people can only walk, so the roads which have seen too many nervous expressions on my face may not trouble her again.


S8mini electric scooter


Indeed, the reduction of the materials in S8MINI MarsRover sitting-posture electric scooter doesn't mean the reduction of the experiences riders get from S8MINI. With the dual ride modes, either sitting to ride or stand to ride, riders are able to enjoy more fun and more energy-saving riding experience. It is as stable and powerful as all the previous products in Airwheel family. Besides the customary stability and performances, S8MINI is the Airwheel product with the aesthetic designs which make them totally different from previous models. Most importantly, Airwheel S8MINI provides the safest scooter riding experiences for scooter riders. Because of the design of double circuits and double main control chips, even a single module has problem, the whole system can work normally and efficiently, because they are working independently.