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Airwheel Mars Rover—New Equipment for Outdoor Activities

Abstract: Taking part in the outdoor activities is the best choice for people to spend their spare time. Why does the Airwheel mini electric scooter can also be such a popular equipment for people? The answer is its convenience, fashion, utility and eco-friendly features.

Unlike driving private cars to the place, they need not to worry about where to park. What is more, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is equipped with extra-large wheel hub which can make the scooter negotiate to all kinds of terrains. Equipped with the premium battery, Airwheel can satisfy all the transportation needs of people's excursions. This is super cool for the outdoor activities lovers.


Airwheel S5


Although appearance and convenience of vehicles are important, safety is always put in the first place. As an influential intelligent vehicle, the new Airwheel consider a lot in its safety system, for instance, the battery management system, EBS and dual chips and so on. What is more, Airwheel mini electric scooters are all equipped with extra-durable battery with original package. This battery are specially designed for Tesla mobile and able to make the scooter performed excellently during the riding. All these design can ensure a better riding experience for riders. People can ride the Airwheel MarsRover to everywhere they want to go to have picnic or do some outdoor sports. Besides, people can ride Airwheel to bus or subway stations and take it to public the scooter in your bag when you arrive at the subway station. The integration of transports will save enormous time and greatly advances transportation efficiency.


Smart electric assist bike


Many people must suffer from the problem that if they want to take photos they may cannot keep the camera stable in the action. How can people deal with such a troublesome problem in the extreme-action geography? Keeping records of riding scenery with one key to control, Airwheel smart helmet presents a supreme and impeccable picture. Airwheel helmet camera has a sensor that can capture 2k digital video.